Ch Brasswinds Tangled Up In Blue- Devon

PRA- Pending
FN-  Genetically Clear
OFA- Pending

Devon is our beautiful blue roan girl from Floozie and Hob.  Devon won a 3-point major from the 6-9 mos class.  At 9 mos she won back- to- back Best of Breeds over multiple champions!  Devon currently has 9 points and both majors.

 Brasswinds English Cockers     Brasswinds English Cockers  Brasswinds English Cockers   Brasswinds English Cockers

 Pedigree of Devon

      Ch Lynanns Telesis
    Ch Ashbrook Aristocrat
      Ch Headwinds Kittyhawk
  Ch Brasswinds Ego Trip OFA Good, Optigen A1, FN Normal
      Ch Lynanns Infiniti
    Ch Brasswinds Blueberry Bash
      Ch Gentree Blueberry Muffin

BRASSWINDS Tangled Up In Blue 

      Ch Ziel-Lor's Tiger By The Tale
    Ch Ziel-lors Wild Tiger Root
      Richhaven R Gangs MZ Darla
  Ch Brasswinds Romp In The Hay OFA Fair, Optigen B, FN Normal
      Ch Kabree Jolyn The Sorcerer
    Ch Brasswinds Coat of Many Colors
      Ch Brasswinds Blueberry Bash